Intro: San Antonio Rose – Ricky Skaggs
Moore & Moore with Billy Yates – Loving Thirty
Billy Yates – Famous for Bein’ Your Fool
Billy Yates – Tell Me I’m Wrong
Billy Yates – Bill’s Barber Shop
Billy Yates with Nicole Broussard – I’d Do It for You
Billy Yates – One Beer a Day
Billy Yates – Better Every Beer
Billy Yates – Too Country and Proud of It
Billy Yates – Down at the Station
Billy Yates – Daddy’s Radio
Kathy Kane – Dancin’ to the Radio
Sheryl Higgs – 500 Miles of Real Bad Road
Ann Pascoe – San Antonio Stroll
J.D. Pederson – She Calls Me Haggard
Merle Haggard – I’m a Good Looser
Merle Haggard – Too Much Boogie Woogie
Merle Haggard – In My Next Life
Manson Grant & the Dynamoes – The Best Years of My Life
Declan Burke – Irish Through & Through
Jayne Denham – Country Girl with a Rock & Roll Heart
Kate Russel – Talk Is Cheap
Michael J. S. – Heaven in Denim
The Walker Avenue Gang – Bad Man Road
Ray William Roldan – Hey Girl
Phillip Clarkson – You’ve Come a Long Way From Dixie
Steffen Jacobsen – What She Wants
Steffen Jacobsen – Your Man
Josh Turner – Baby, I Go Crazy
Joe Nichols – Tequila Makes Her Cloth Fall Off
Ashley Monroe – Like a Rose
Danni Leigh – I Feel a Heartache
Laura Bryna – No Man’s Land
Joe Nichols – Honky Tonk Girl
Outtro: Keep On The Sunny Side – Randy Scruggs, Earl Scruggs & Doc Watson

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13.03 | 21:23

Hello Per,
I can't thank you enough for playing the 5 songs off my "Slim Andrews & His Alvarez Guitar Album.I always wanted to do an album with just my guitar

12.03 | 04:14

Just checking to see if Randy Moore is still in your playlist. I know that you downloaded his cd from Airplay Direct. This cd has accrued many awards in its sho

22.02 | 11:22

Keep it country

09.10 | 16:06

Musiken du spelade idag var suveränt vald!! Tack för det. Ha en fortsatt bra dag

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