Chloe Styler

Intro: San Antonio Rose – Ricky Skaggs
Travelling Wilburys – Handle with Care
Travelling Wilburys – Dirty World
Travelling Wilburys – Not Alone Any More
Buck Owens – Peaceful Easy Feeling
Buck Owens – Lyin’ Eyes
Eagles – No More Cloudy Days
The Charlie Daniels Band – Gotta Serve Somebody
The Charlie Daniels Band – I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
John Schmid – Hey Porter
Doug Allen Nash – Get Rythm
Doug Allen Nash with Wendy Newcomer – Long Legged Guitar Pickin’ Man
Laural Mendez – Eventually
Chloe Styler – My Hearts Is Yours
Wenche Hartmann – The Letter
Wenche Hartmann – Dog Tag
Tamra Rosanes – Be My Friend Tonight
John Prine – New Train
John Prine – Same Thing Happened to Me
John Prine with Alison Krauss – Falling in Love Again
John Prine with Susan Tedeschi – Color of the Blues
John Prine with Holly Williams – I’mTelling You
John Prine with Iris DeMent – Who’s Take the Garbage Out
John Prine with Dolores Keane – In a Town This Size
John Prine with Emmylou Harris – I Know One
Daniel Lanois and Emmylou Harris – Blackhawk
Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen – Wheels
Chris Hillman – Back’s Against the Wall
Chris Hillman – Sooner or Later
Desert Rose Band – Just a Memory
Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen – San Antonio
Jesse Lee Cates – The Boot
Ray William Roldan – Bad Memories
Outtro: Keep On the Sunny Side – Randy Scruggs, Earl Scruggs & Doc Watson

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20.05 | 13:01

Ja det var et "afbud" fra Senior-redaktionen

17.05 | 14:43

Randy Moore is still in and will be played now and then.

14.04 | 14:16

14 april 2017 kl. 14 öppnade jag radion och hörde dig Per och countrymusik, är det bara tillfälligt att du sänder en fredag ?
Mvh Jan Thunman

13.03 | 21:23

Hello Per,
I can't thank you enough for playing the 5 songs off my "Slim Andrews & His Alvarez Guitar Album.I always wanted to do an album with just my guitar

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